Hi, I’m Estelle.

Born in the Loire Valley, I left my native France nearly 20 years ago, came to London for work and never left! A  working mum of one, I have spent most of my career in marketing and PR for IT software companies. My passion, however, is interior design.

My mum, who always loved antiques and in particular Art Deco furniture, influenced me at an early age. But my obsession with interiors really kicked in when my husband and I bought a late Victorian property in leafy Surrey that hadn’t been touched in half a century. After two years of renovations, I learned so much that I started sharing tips with friends going through the same process.

I started Savage Interiors to share my experiences and connect with you, the wider tribe of interior design fanatics out there.  So welcome, bienvenue, we’re amongst friends here!


P.S: “Why the name?”, I have been asked. Well, when I married Mr Savage after 15 years together, I famously refused to take on his last name, so I used it for my blog. Ha! (Thanks, JPS)


I am fortunate enough to have met and worked with some fabulous people over the years. Some of them have become great friends and I can honestly say that without their encouragement (read: barely-disguised arse kicking), this blog would never have seen the light of day.

The idea for Savage Interiors came up during a particularly lovely Sunday pub lunch with a few of said friends. Over a glass (or two) of chilled Sauvignon, they got me to purchase the website before our food had even arrived! Still, it took me nearly a year to get this off the ground. So in no particular order, I need to thank the following fabulous contributors to this site: Natalie House, Janaan Weaver, Simon Hawes, Adenike Cosgrove, Jonathan Cosgrove, Liz Dennison, Daniel Incandela, Leslie Bailey and Jake Coventry. You rock!

Logo by Simon Hawes |  Site by Jonathan Cosgrove | Photo credit Alex Rumford

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