Project Reveal: Master Bedroom

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Last year, I followed my heart, took a week off work and did a week-long Interior Design introductory course at KLC school of design in Chelsea Harbour, London . You can read all about it here. It triggered a bunch of things.

First,  a few of my closest friends told me I should start a blog to share my passion of interiors; a Sunday lunch brainstorming session over copious glasses of Sauvignon gave birth to Savage Interiors.  Second, my bestie came to visit from Utah with her mum and sister; the following week, I had a whatsapp message from said sister (Janaan): “I wanna be Savage Interiors’ first project. My master bedroom needs love.”


“Hell yes!” I thought, and sent her an email with some questions. One of those was to describe the finished room in 3 words. Here is what Janaan sent me:

Comfortable | Sophisticated | Decluttered (Janaan is a mum of 3!)

The first of many Facetime sessions ensued. We talked about that last point because people can have very different interpretations of what sophisticated means to them and I didn’t want to miss the mark. I also remembered one of my KLC tutors telling us that she forgot to ask her first project if there were colours they really didn’t want in their scheme and had to start all over again so I made sure I knew that.

I created a concept board (step 1 of the creative process), and sent it to Janaan. I heard nothing for 2 days and thought “Oh, what if she hates it?”. A master bedroom is such a personal room… then her email landed into my inbox. ” I LOVE IT”. Phew.

Next was the sample board, which is a lot detailed and should give an insight into the final room look and feel. People often use the term “mood board” which would be a halfway house between concept board and sample board. Again, I apprehensively hit “send” and got the same answer.

So it was off to sourcing and not knowing the US home retailer market as well as I know the UK one, this was quite a challenge. I tried to come up with several options for key items that would range from budget to blow the budget. I also incorporated some vintage bits (cue frantic WhatsApp messages “Janaan, buy those 2 matching lamps from 2 different eBay buyers NOW”).

Recently I visited my friends and had a chance to see the room. The transformation is quite striking, even if there are still small bits to sort out like a rug, and finishing the gallery wall. It definitely meets the sophisticated aspect of the brief. It looks like a luxurious, sophisticated yet calming space for adults to recharge (read: hide from the kids!).  I had so much fun with it and feel proud of what I delivered but most importantly, I have a very happy friend who is thrilled with her new room.


Am now on another friend project, this time a nursery for a precious little bundle arriving in January. I haven’t looked at baby stuff in years (my son is 9) so this is a new challenge for sure. Stay tuned,  Interior Savages. Until next time…

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