Kitchen Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes…

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“Sooooo, how did your kitchen end up on the cover of Real Homes?”

That is the question I got from most of my friends when I ended up on the front page of one of my favourite magazines.  Well, read on for a little look behind the scenes…

It all started as a friendly conversation with the lovely Daisy from who was helping us with spacial planning at the very beginning of our kitchen extension project. “When it’s all done, can I introduce you to a photographer friend of mine?” she asked. “Sure!”, I said.

Two years later with the kitchen finally finished, I called Daisy and before we knew it, the delightful Bruce Hemming and crew arrived at the house on a sunny morning in May 2015. I mostly stayed out of their way until Bruce said “Why don’t you carry some plates over to the table so I can take some shots with you in it?” That, I had not planned! I think I said something stupid about my hair not being done. The lovingly inquisitive Katie Treggiden and I sat down over coffee while the shoot continued and talked about the extension planning and the challenges of the project. It was all wrapped up in half a day.

Over the next few weeks, Katie and I exchanged emails and made edits to the article; I also shared my source list so literally, you could source anything from any of the shots. And that was that… for nearly a year, until one day I got an email from Bruce saying it was going to be featured in At Home Magazine, but he wasn’t sure when exactly. “Keep your eyes peeled!” he said.

So when I got to Heathrow early one Sunday morning to catch a US-bound flight ahead of week of business meetings, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see our kitchen on the cover of At Home Magazine! We got such amazing feedback from so many people, it made the 2 years of misery cooking in a 70s kitchen with one electric stove disappear in an instant. You can read the full article here.


Fast forward a year and another email from Bruce landed in my inbox. “The shoot is being featured in Real Homes magazine!” Now, I LOVE Real Homes, it is one of my fave interiors magazines so I was psyched. Again, not sure of the timeframe, but this time I was on the hunt. And less than a month later, whilst browsing the mag section at my local supermarket, there it was, with me on the front cover! Eeeeeeeeeek.

It was such a fun experience. And with Bruce threatening to come back and shoot the whole house, the pressure’s on to finish up the last of the projects. Stay tuned!

Get the look:

Kitchen units – driftwood kitchen from Henderson & Redfearn

Lights – vintage pendants factory lights from SkinFlint

Taps – Perrin & Rowe

Floor – Concreate


  1. Hi , I absolutely love your kitchen, we are just embarking on a kitchen extension.. and hope to source units similar to yours.. the concrete floor (tiles) are top of my list.. have you taken them outside also ?
    Can you let me know when the magazine’s were printed.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Am so sorry I never saw your comment until now; pls DM me on insta for more rapid response! 🙂 – the concreate tiles are not suitable for outdoor so no, we used a composite decking that matches the colour. Mag was May 2018. All the best!

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