My week at KLC School of Design

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Last year, I decided to take a week off work and do a one-week intensive Interior Design 101 course at KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London.  I wanted to learn the basics, of course, but frankly I wanted to see if I was able to design a room for someone else.

People who know me will tell you that I am opinionated and that I know what I want. My career in marketing has taught me a few  valuable things, such as budgeting, fast decision-making and project management. And yes, if you work in marketing, I guess you better have opinions (cause everyone else will have one!). So, off I went, aged past 40, back to school. To say it felt odd would be an understatement and I was a little apprehensive. But, boy, what a week we had! It was far harder than I had anticipated, but I loved every minute of it.

After some theory and some great guest lecturers, including the inspiring lighting guru that is Rebecca Weir, we got our (fictitious) client brief: a turn-of-the-century family house in Cornwall used during the holidays. The brief was to redecorate the sitting room for entertainment, card-playing in the evenings and a space Steve the fake husband could use for business meetings. We were told they favoured “classic contemporary” and wanted the space to feel friendly, comfortable, relaxed and smart.

Now  full disclosure: I absolutely LOATHE nautical schemes. Like, literally, can’t stand them. So my concept board had to reflect that. Sixty minutes of fanatical magazine page-turning ensued to find what I was looking for. I wanted rich colours, textures, but some wow accents to give it the “smart” they wanted.

After that, it was spacial planning and boy, did I struggle with that! I used the bay window to create a banquette and answer the “evening card-playing corner” in the brief. To the right, I used the other large window to create a bar area with library bookshelves, an ottoman and luxurious rug to zone it, and an accent chair and bar cart in the corner. The library wall had 2 facing chaise longues against it to give the room that relaxed, cosy feel and  a collection of coffee tables instead of just one for quirkiness. This is plan #5! (and I still got it wrong as not enough space was allowed between to coffee table and sofa).

Finally, the sample board; we worked like lunatics on these and believe you me, it felt like a piece of art by the time we were done! I was so pleased with it, I carried it home like a precious painting!

If you’re into interior design and want to learn a bit more about it, I definitely recommend this course.  Plus KLC is right by Chelsea Harbour Design Center so there is plenty of lunch hour inspiration. I am eyeing up the follow up course for the fall so stay tuned!

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