Bar. Cart. Obsession.

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Full disclosure: I am obsessed with bar carts (or cocktail cabinets, or drinks trolleys).  Basically anything on wheels with the sole purpose of showcasing a fabulous collection of spirits. They come in many styles and I believe every home ought to have one. There.

I favour vintage bar carts as to me, they reflect the effortless glamour of times past. While you can find some gems on eBay or Etsy (rather randomly, I might add), if you are after the real deal, then The Vintage Trader is the place to go, where Collette sources some stunning pieces, mostly from France.

If your budget won’t stretch to a vintage piece, but you like the look, then my favourites at the moment are with Rockett St George (Round Brass and Marble Drinks Trolley or the Gatsby), Graham & Greene (check out this brass number or the silver hourglass drinks trolley) and Atkin and Thyme (the Odyssey cart is utterly lush).

Photo Credit: Graham&Green, Rockett St George, Atkin And Thyme

However before you go splashing your hard-earned cash on some baraphernalia, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Will your bar cart roam the house or stay in the perfect corner that was made for it all along? If the latter, then you can consider a second-grade item whose wheels may not be operable but looks utterly stunning nonetheless.
  • Are you an oval or square kinda bar cart lover? Do you want three tiers, or will two shelves do?
  • Do you prefer art deco cocktail cabinets? Great! Make sure they open and close properly (or that the pictures online show both). Ask the buyer if they still have the original door key. Ask them what type of wood it is. Cherry wood typically drives high price tags.
  • Watch the height of the item you buy, especially if buying online. Typically, French vintage bar carts are relatively short so make sure you take this into consideration.

Watch out for another post on bar cart accessories soon. Until then, enjoy the fine specimens below or visit my Pinterest board for more inspiration. Serious bar cart swoon there! Enjoy…

Photo credit: Pinterest

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