eBay-tastic Part II: Home Decoration on a Budget

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This post is dedicated to all the eBay sceptics out there. After you are done reading this post, my secret hope is that it will change your mind and maybe even tempt you to give it a go!

If you missed part I of this series, we suggest you give it a read! We talked about how eBay has been a fantastic place to source items to renovate our late Victorian home, including vintage radiators, chandeliers, a range cooker and even a matching pair of oversize period fireplaces! Once the builders had left though, after many months onsite, the budget to decorate the House of Savage was somewhat depleted and so, once again, we turned to eBay for some bargains.

One of my absolute best eBay finds was our cherry red velvet sofa. It’s a beast (2.5 meters/8ft long!) and we got it for £200! It is so utterly fabulous and pretty much reserved for me and the cat so yay! I can’t ever see myself getting rid of it. Wherever we move, this baby will follow!


Another huge piece of furniture we sourced on eBay was our apothecary cabinet from the lovely Tom at Vintage Creations. I literally looked for this piece for YEARS. To this day, I can barely believe it’s ours.

Next, after spending MONTHS looking for a brass coffee table, I found this vintage pair that were being sold locally by a gentleman that does (posh) home clearances. They are so heavy and while my initial view was to change the smoked glass top, I have to say it’s grown on me so it’s staying for now. Whilst in the warehouse, this pewter ice bucket caught my eye and so we agreed a deal for both, and I spent much less than I would have purchasing a new coffee table with much less character.


Now… for smaller pieces that added a bit of “oomph” to some of our rooms. This vintage bath sponge holder came all the way from the USA for a total of £21 including shipping!! I looked for a vintage bath rack for ages and couldn’t find anything nice enough, until one day I came across this beauty. Just goes to show, sometimes scrolling down that eBay search page until the prices are in italics is worth it!


This next item is a little bit special because of the story behind it. I bid on this vintage crystal cocktail shaker, not realising my seller was local. As a good ebayer, I paid straight away waiting to hear on postage arrangements. The next morning, the doorbell rang and it was my seller, who was dropping it off as he was only down the road and this baby was so precious, it needed to be hand delivered. How nice is that?!

We also sourced second-hand items to save some cash (like Savage Junior’s IKEA day bed), which meant I could treat myself to some non-essentials (like that crystal cocktail shaker, although one might argue it is indeed a must-have!).

So, here it is; our eBay-tastic haul. I hope this makes you want to give it a go and start sourcing some fabulous bits to make your house a stylish home on a budget. Happy hunting!


  1. I love the sponge rack!! I’ve tried searching for one similar but can’t seem to find one for under £60 plus delivery! What wording did you use? Also, the home clearance warehouse, does it have a website or even the address? The link to the apothecary cabinet website is amazing too!! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Rhys! Thanks for your comment and apologies for not replying sooner, I mostly get spam comments 🙂
      So, on the rack, I used “Vintage Clawfoot Tub Soap Dish Sponge Holder Brass”, they dont come on very often so set up a search alert on ebay. Re: house clearance, I have lost the gentleman’s details but his warehouse is at 6 Church Road in Kingston Upon Thames. Hope thats helpful! Estelle

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